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Telangana Business Excellence Awards 2024: A Night of Celebration and Achievement

Join us in celebrating the Telangana Business Excellence Awards 2024, hosted by SwiftNLift Media Group at the Royalton Hotel. Featuring esteemed guests, distinguished entrepreneurs, and chief guest Bhumika Chawla, this event honour’s outstanding achievements in Telangana’s vibrant business community. 

The Royalton Hotel was the epicentre of celebration and excellence as SwiftNLift Media Group proudly hosted the Telangana Business Excellence Awards 2024 on 29 June 2024. The event, graced by the presence of esteemed guests, distinguished entrepreneurs, and the charismatic chief guest, film actress Bhumika Chawla, was an unforgettable evening dedicated to recognizing and honouring the exceptional achievements of local industries and business leaders.

Ladies and gentlemen, esteemed guests, and distinguished entrepreneurs were welcomed to the most illustrious event of the year. The evening kicked off with a warm welcome to all attendees, highlighting the significance of the event in celebrating entrepreneurial spirit and business excellence.

Situated at the centre of the Deccan Plateau, Telangana is a region rich in history, culture, and vibrancy. From the bustling streets of Hyderabad, where the aroma of biryani mingles with the whispers of ancient forts, to the serene waters of Hussain Sagar Lake, reflecting the grandeur of the Buddha statue, every corner of Telangana tells a story of a glorious past and a promising future. The state’s unique blend of tradition and modernity, where ancient temples stand alongside cutting-edge IT parks, embodies a diverse and dynamic landscape.

In the expansive landscape of business ventures, Mr. Nilesh Sabe stands out as a luminary figure. With an engineering background and a fervent entrepreneurial spirit, Mr. Sabe founded SwiftNLift Media, a platform that has grown into a renowned global entity. SwiftNLift magazine now celebrates and connects over 3000 businesses, creating a vibrant tapestry of industry recognition and connectivity.

The Telangana Business Excellence Awards 2024, a tribute to the spirit of achievement fostered by SwiftNLift Media, was a night to remember. With over 15 remarkable award ceremonies behind us, each event has celebrated the journey of startups and seasoned entrepreneurs alike. The gathering marked the beginning of another chapter in celebrating relentless pursuit and unparalleled success.

Our chief guest for the evening, the talented and charismatic actress Bhumika Chawla, added a touch of glamour and prestige to the event. Her presence was a testament to the significance of the occasion as we gathered to applaud the outstanding achievements of local industries and entrepreneurs.


As the evening progressed, awards were presented to deserving recipients across various categories, each accolade representing the hard work, dedication, and innovative spirit of Telangana’s business community. The event was not just a celebration of success but also a platform for networking and sharing ideas, fostering a sense of community among entrepreneurs.

The Telangana Business Excellence Awards 2024 was a vibrant tribute to the entrepreneurial spirit, and SwiftNLift Media Group was proud to host an event that highlighted the remarkable achievements within our community. We look forward to continuing this tradition of excellence and celebrating the inspiring stories of businesses that drive our economy forward.

About SwiftNLift Media Group:

SwiftNLift Media Group is a global platform that celebrates and connects businesses, offering recognition and connectivity through its renowned magazine, SwiftNLift. With a mission to forge links between industries and their clientele, SwiftNLift Media has grown to resonate globally, celebrating over 3000 businesses and fostering a vibrant business community.


1. Dr. Pidamarthy Snigdha – Snigdha’s Aesthetics – Clinical Cosmetologist, Wellness Aesthetician – International PMU Artist Award

2. Mr. Srujan Kumar Thotapally – Beaut Group Of Companies – CMD – Sustainable Architecture Award

3. Mr. Shiva Krishna Mahankali – Astradigm Marketing Pvt Ltd – CEO & Founder – Best Digital Marketing Firm In Hyderabad

4. Mr. Namit Jain – Power Controls India – Managing Director – Best Electrical Equipment Distributor

5. Mr. Mohammad Kazeem Ali – Apsara Ice Cream And Badam Milk Since 1972 – Owner – Excellence In Badam Milk Recipe And Consistency Management Over 40 Years.

6. Mr. Ramesh Kavali- World Wide Investor’s Group and Celebrity’s Group and Millionaire’s Group – Film Producer & Director & Founder – Industry Leadership in Film Production

7. Go Ranch Resort – Best Eco-Friendly Family Resort

8. USM INFRASTRUCTURES PRIVATE LIMITED- Best Sandalwood Plantation Project Of The Year

9. Miss. Priya Rathod – Rotomaker International Film & Television Institute (RIFTI) – Dean – Best Film School In South India

10. MR. VARA VINOD – VJSMR ODIGOS TECHNOLOGIES PVT. LTD. – CEO – Best Regional Software Training Institute

11. Mr. Mohammed Kaif – Hi Tech Portable Cabins – Proprietor – Best Custom Cabin Design

12. Mr. Ponugumati Sai Teja – Sailaja Fly abroad Educational Consultancy Pvt.Ltd – Founder and CEO – Excellence in Educational Consulting

13. Mr. Srinivasa Rao Dakarapu – ASDAC Enterprises – CEO & FOUNDER (Proprietor) – Outstanding Customer Service In Solar & ELV Systems Integration

14. Mr. Piyush Lohia – The Innovative Pipe Concepts – Managing Director – Excellence In Plumbing Technology In Domestic, Commercial & Industry

15. Mr. Gurrala Sridhar – Anjaniputra Estates Pvt. Ltd. – Chairman – Best Real-estate Marketing Company

16. Mr. Rachamalla Naveen Goud – SS Fitness Unisex Gym – Proprietor – Gym Of The Year In Fitness Equipment And Ambiance

17. Mr. Nenavath Santhosh- Keerthi Prasanna Enterprises & VRR Industries – Founder – Waste Reduction Through Plastic Recycling

18. Mrs. Sridevi Kilaparthy – SR Electrical Training Center – Proprietrix – Best Industrial Electrical Training Center

19. Mr. Alakuntla Ganesh – Nandini Infra – Founder & CEO – Technology Integration In Real Estate Development

20. MR. D RAJESH – SV GLOBAL SERVICES PVT LTD – FOUNDER & CEO – Excellence In Soft Skills Training

21. Dr. T. Annapurna – ARSHI SKIN AND HAIR GROUP OF CLINICS – Medical Director and Founder – No1 Skin And Hair Group Of Clinics In Telangana

22. Dr. VSB Bandi – TRICHOGAIN BY DERMACURE PHARMACEUTICALS PVT LTD – Director – No1. Hair Care Product Of The Year

23. Dr. VSB Bandi – CALINSOFT HEALTH CARE PVT LTD – Director – Cosmetic Brand Of The Year

24. Mr. Mohd Imtiyaz – Imtiyaz Shahi Dastar caterers – Entrepreneur Caterers – Young Entrepreneur Of The Year

25. Mrs. Praveena Emmadi & Mr. Kiran Reddy – Paviz Interiors – CEO – Best Interior Design Firm

26. Mr. Sudhir Borgaonkar – BJR Group – Chief Executive Officer – Leadership In Autonomous Vehicle Industry. Market Leader In LCV Segment

27. Mr. Boga Mani Rathnam – Isoft Growth Solutions – Director – Outstanding IT Outsourcing Services Provider And Also Isoft Works On Recruitment And Staffing Services.

28. Mr. Ali Al Jazeri – Aikon Aviation Academy – Director – Best Aviation Academy in Telangana

29. Dr. Satya Prasad Acharya – Tata Consultancy Services Limited – Program Manager – Outstanding Leadership In Program Management

30. Dr. David Solomon Raju Yellampalli – Holy Mary Institute of Technology Science (Autonomous) – Associate Professor ECE, IQAC Incharge – Education for Sustainable Development

31. Mr. Bandi Shivakumar – Mentors Talk – Founder & Managing Director – Inspirational Business Coach


33. Mr. Raja Raghu Nath – WCX – CEO – Most Innovative Laundry Service

34. Mr. AMIT ARORA – Modelz World Modelling And Casting Agency – CEO – Leadership In Entertainment Industry

35. Mr.Laxman Ms.Mamatha – Jhatayu Cosmetics Pvt Ltd – CEO & Marketing Manager – Instant Skin Glow Product

36. Mr. Ajay Bhauwala- Shyam Godavari Smelters LLP – Partner – Best Battery Recycling Company

37. Mr. Shanti Kumar Ramsisaria – Shyam Godavari Smelters LLP – Partner – Best Battery Recycling Company

38. Mr. Mohammed Rayees Nawab – Make My Adds Advertising Agency – Owner – Integrated Marketing Excellence Award: Recognizing Outstanding Achievement In Print Advertising, Outdoor Campaigns, And Content Marketing Strategies.

39. Mr. Mizaan Ahmed Khan – Mizaankhan Photography – Founder – Best Wedding Photography

40. Dr. Dt.Anusha Krishna – MaxCare Ekshilaa Hospital – Dentist, Dietitian And Lactation Professional – Excellence In Health And Fitness

41. G. Aruna Raj Varma – Ismart Aruna Lifestyle Vlogs – Fitness Coach, Youtuber, Diet Consultant – Excellence In Health And Fitness Vlogging

42. Mr. Mohammed Khaleel – CEO – Ideal International Services – Best Visa Processing Services

43. Mr. P. Vamsi Krushna – Cine Digital – Director – Most Prominent Company of the Year 2023, Hyderabad in Movie Promotions Category

44. Ms. Rubina Parveen – Basalt Group Of Companies – Managing Director – Best Social Entrepreneur Of The Year

45. Mrs. Mannem Sarita Reddy – Willowayfarms – Director – Most Innovative Real Estate Company

46. Mr. Rathod Venkatesh – Brandonik India’s Fastest Growing Fashion Brands – CEO – Best Luxury Fashion Brand In Low Cost

47. Mrs. Gundale Pournima Pavan – JNR Patashala & Kidofly a Playway School – Director & Principal – Education Leadership Management Award In Management

48. Mrs. Bhavani Velivala – Glowish Beauty Salon & Academy – Professional Makeup Artist – Best Make Up Transformation

49. Mohammed Hashim Ullah Khan – HK Group Of Companies – Founder – Youngest Entrepreneur Of The Year

50. Mr. Rammohan Thaduri – Raaga Events Hyderabad – CEO – Best Wedding Planning Service

51. Mr. Syed Mujtaba Ali – M92 Medical Equipment And Oxygen Enterprises – Proprietor – Excellence In Respiratory Care Products

52. Mr. Gangadhar Bokkena – Gangadhar Bokkena Learning Academy – Telugu Digital Coach – Digital Marketing Leadership Award

53. Ms. Tayyaba Siddiqui – Little Pebbles International Preschool – Founder & Director – Preschool Of The Year

54. Mrs. Gangavarupu Manikeshwari – Swini Makeup Studio & Zaheerabad – Director & Founder – Best Natural Makeup

55. Mr. Satish Kumar Tatikonda & Mr. Venkatramana Parsi – Sridevtekai Pvt. Ltd. – Founder & Co-Founder – Best AI Solution Provider

56. Mr. Sakhamuri Satish Babu – Jayram Industries India Private Limited – Managing Director – Green Energy and Solar Industry Leadership Award

57. Dr. Swetha Chavan – Chavans Cosmetic Clinic – Doctor – Cosmetic Clinic Of The Year

58. Mr. Sagar Kaparthi – Raja Rajeshwara Agencies – Proprietor – Best Distributor for Retail Outlets

59. Mrs. Mani Rekha – VOGUE UNISEX SALON – Bridal Makeup Artist – Best Bridal Makeup Artist


61. Mr. Ajay Yadav – SLR Infrastructures Ltd. – Managing Director – Best Construction Company & Interior Design Firm

62. Mr. Vinay Nyalakonda – Tea Trance – Founder – Outstanding Food and Beverage Customer Loyalty Franchise Brand

63. Miss. Katta Manasa – Makeup Muse Studio & Academy – Makeup Educator – Best Bridal Makeup Artist

64. Mrs. Sujitha Velagapudi – Browhaus Permanent Makeup Studio – CEO & Founder – Best Permanent Makeup Brand Of The Year

65. Mr. Ramakanth Chidunuri – Independent Businessman and Entrepreneur – Entrepreneur Of The Year

66. Ln Dr Yugandar Bhagavathe Ram – Dr Yugandar Skin Hair Care – Dermatologist & Cosmetologist

67. Dr. Murali Krishna Karpurapu, Sri Tulasi Educational Guidance And Trust, Chairman, Visionary Icon Of The Year

68.  Gatreddi Naidu, Searchwayglobal Fashion (OPC) Pvt. Ltd, Co-Founder, Best New Direct Selling Company

69. Mr. Arvind Soni, URX Institute Of Fashion Technology, CEO, Best Industry Collaboration

70.  Miss Akshara Devalla, Kuchipudi Dancer, Young Kuchipudi Cultural Ambassador

71. Mr. K. SURENDRA RAJU, GREEN CITY ESTATES, MANAGING DIRECTOR, Excellence in Residential Property Development



74. A. Lokesh Goud, Vcube Software Solutions, Digital Marketing Trainer, Best Digital Marketing Trainer Award

75.  Mr. Bejawada Sudarsan Reddy, Seydler Pharma OPC Private Limited, Founder & Director, Pharmaceutical Marketing Campaign

76. Mrs. Vemula Sridevi, Sridevi Herbal & Co, CEO, Best Herbal Cosmetics Product


78. Miss Ganta Siri Varshini, Event Manager & Choreographer, Best Event Management & Choreography

79. Mr. Mohammed Mubeen Ali, Unison International School, Managing Director, Best Educational Leadership Program

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