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Acclaimed Futurist Dr. Jawahar Surisetti Paints a Vivid Picture of India’s Future in “2047: Fictional Stories of Future India”

Prepare to be transported 23 years into the future! Renowned futurist Dr. Jawahar Surisetti unveils his latest book, “2047: Fictional Stories of Future India,” today. This captivating collection of stories offers a glimpse into the potential realities of India in the year 2047, the 100th year of its independence.

Drawing inspiration from the Viksit Bharat@2047 vision, Dr. Surisetti’s narratives explore how advancements in healthcare, education, space exploration, agriculture, energy, infrastructure, innovation, and more will shape Indian society. Through captivating fictional tales, readers will:

* Witness the marvels of future medicine and its impact on everyday lives.

* Explore advancements in education that personalize learning and empower every child.

* Soar through the cosmos alongside Indian astronauts on groundbreaking space missions.

* Discover how sustainable farming practices ensure food security for a growing nation.

* See how India tackles its energy needs with cutting-edge renewable technologies.

* Travel across a nation transformed by a robust and interconnected infrastructure network.

* Be ignited by the spirit of innovation that propels India’s future.

“2047: Fictional Stories of Future India” is not just a work of science fiction; it’s a call to action. By showcasing the potential of a future built on innovation and collaboration, Dr. Surisetti inspires readers to envision a brighter tomorrow for India

About Dr. Jawahar Surisetti

Dr. Jawahar Surisetti is a leading Indian futurist, author, and speaker. He is renowned for his insightful analysis of global trends and their potential impact on India’s future. Dr. Surisetti’s previous works have garnered critical acclaim for their thought-provoking exploration of social, technological, and economic advancements.

“2047: Fictional Stories of Future India” is  available in both print and ebook formats on Amazon , Flipkart , Google and  at major bookstores and online retailers.

2047: Fictional Stories of Future India 

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