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MAHAYOGI, Highway 1 to Oneness English Release Postponed Due to Censorship Concerns

The eagerly awaited unveiling of “Mahayogi Highway 1 to Oneness” on March 8th, coinciding with Maha Shivaratri, has been deferred due to unforeseen complications stemming from the scrutiny of censorship. Rajan Luthra, the director, is profoundly affected by this turn of events. This project embodies his life’s purpose, envisioned as a catalyst for profound change, a cornerstone for nurturing unity and fostering oneness within humanity. Rajan himself portrayed the role of the Mahayogi in the movie, delivering a poignant message of peace through his soulful song, “I Wanna See the Oneness… Stop the War.”


(44) Song from Movie Mahayogi Highway 1 to Oneness – Produced & Directed by Rajan Luthra – YouTube


Despite the setbacks, Rajan’s faith in this vision remains steadfast, undeterred by the current state of affairs in India and globally. Amidst this heart-wrenching setback, the team remains resolute in their commitment to disseminating the film’s message of unity throughout India, utilizing diverse platforms including radio, news outlets, and their own OTT platform,  



Director Rajan Luthra’s labor of love, “Mahayogi Highway 1 to Oneness,” a culmination of 12 years of meticulous craftsmanship, promises to captivate audiences with its profound exploration of spirituality and interconnectedness.


Reflecting on the film’s journey, Rajan shared, “I embarked on this 12-year odyssey with a vision to inspire unity and harmony through cinema. ‘Mahayogi Highway 1 to Oneness’ stands as a testament to the transformative power of storytelling.”


While the release in India is now scheduled for April 17th, 2024, coinciding with the auspicious celebration of Ram Navami, the film will also have a limited release in select states of America on March 8th, 2024.


“Mahayogi Highway 1 to Oneness” promises an unparalleled cinematic experience, inviting viewers on a transformative journey towards unity and enlightenment. Rajan decided to send his beautiful soulful message and vision of his artwork to top people of the country on MahaShivratri day to receive support and blessing on this beautiful project. For the latest updates and additional information, please visit you can view film in 


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