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Bhopal Couture Runway Triumphs in Inaugural Edition, Setting the Stage for Fashion Excellence

Mumbai: Bhopal Couture Runway inaugural edition was held on February 9th at Ananta by Virandavan Garden showcased a stellar lineup of fashion designers, which includes Sapna, Tausif, Deepak, Preeti, Alok, Prince, Jyoti, Minal, Amita, Vidhya, Divyagadha, Garry, Arun, Rehman, Vaibhav, Archit, etc.

P&G Global Production emerged as the backbone of Bhopal Couture Runway, providing crucial guidance and expertise. The collaboration showcased the brand’s commitment to the fashion industry’s growth.

Bhopal Couture Runway received significant support from Mate & Maestro Events, owned by Mohsin Khan and Madiha Reshamwala, known for their expertise in diverse event management. Mate & Maestro’s portfolio include successful execution of the celebrity makeup seminar by Anurag Arya Vardhan, International Bridal Fair in Durban, South Africa and many more. Madiha Reshamwala, the owner, has been honored with two awards: Influential Women of the Year 2022 and Entrepreneur of the Year 2023.

Models from various Indian cities graced the runway, including Vijaya Panwar, India’s representative for the international pageant Miss Heritage Global. Bhopal’s own notable model Komal Kaur, standing tall at 5’11 and holding the title of Miss India Glamorous 2022, added charm to the event. Despite being diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at the age of 10, Komal a physiotherapist, has previously participated in prestigious runway shows like Bombay Times Fashion Week and IFCT Mumbai.

Pakhi Sinha and Ayyan Ali Khan, emerging models from Bhopal city showcased their talent at Bhopal Couture Runway. Both have a track record of participating in numerous runway shows and print shoots, with Pakhi Sinha being the winner of renowned FBB Style Icon 2020.

Behind the scene, the Bhopal Couture Runway was orchestrated by the talented Kapil Guhari as the show director, with Mr. Gaurav Singh lending his grooming expertise, Himanshu Shukla leading the stylistic endeavors and Adv Akshay Shrivastav served as the legal advisor. Their combined efforts ensured a flawless execution, bringing the vision of Bhopal Couture Runway to life.

In conclusion, BCR inaugural edition stood as a testament to the city’s growing prominence in the indian fashion industry. With a stellar lineup of designers, unwavering support from Mate & Maestro and the expertise of P&G Global Production, the event showcased the convergence of talent and glamour on a remarkable scale.

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