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Go Min Si of Sweet Home will join the cast of Jinny’s Kitchen 2, which stars the Wooga Squad

<p>Excitement is in the air at Jinny’s Kitchen 2, as production shifts into high gear. Actress Go Min Si has just joined the cast, which also includes Park Seo Joon, Jung Yu Mi, Choi Woo Shik, and more.</p>
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<p><strong>Rumor has it that Go Min Si is joining Jinny’s Kitchen 2 </strong><br />
Reputable South Korean actress Go Min Si, who costarred with Song Kang in the acclaimed K-drama Sweet Home, is reportedly planning a return to reality television, according to K-media Starnews. Recently, the highly anticipated second season of Jinny’s Kitchen, which won over fans with its star-studded cast that included BTS singer Kim Taehyung and his fellow Wooga Squad members, was given the go-ahead. Go Min Si is reportedly in talks to become the show’s youngest intern, while discussions over her timetable are still pending.</p>
<p><strong>Reacting to the rumor that Go Min Si is joining Jinny’s Kitchen 2, TVN </strong><br />
Despite the lack of formal confirmation from TVN, these claims underscore the need to preserve efficient production and shooting procedures. “Please understand that we cannot confirm for the sake of a safe and smooth filming schedule,” the network said in a succinct statement.</p>
<p>The cast of Jinny’s Kitchen 2<br />
Every member of the original cast of the program is expected to return in the next season, with the exception of BTS V, who is presently serving in the military. Most of the actors, including Park Seo Joon, Jung Yu Mi, and Choi Woo Shik, will be returning, a tvN spokesman said. Under the direction of PD Na Young Suk, the series has concealed information about the shooting site in order to protect the actors and crew.</p>

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