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DigiRich Ventures Into International Markets, Sets Up Branch in UAE

New Delhi [India], February 9: Leading digital marketing agency DigiRich, known for its expertise in social media marketing and website development, is all set to expand its vision in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) by opening a new branch on August 25, 2024. This move marks a prominent step towards the company’s goal of serving the Asian market and amplifying its social impact initiatives.

Founded in 2017 by Amir Shah and Shabaz Shaikh, DigiRich has carved a niche as a silent powerhouse, collaborating seamlessly with third-party agencies to deliver exceptional services to major brands. The agency boasts a comprehensive suite of digital marketing solutions, encompassing video editing, influencer marketing, graphic design, professional photography, and print media solutions. The company fully automates its client’s business with AI integration technology.

Beyond business success, DigiRich is committed to making a positive difference. Through its sister brand, digitree, the agency has planted over 180 trees in the past two years. It actively engages in community service initiatives, including food distribution and assistance to over 200 individuals last year.

“We believe in pushing boundaries and selling unique products in unique ways,” said founder Amir Shah, highlighting DigiRich’s core philosophy. “Our expansion into the UAE reflects our commitment to serving the Asian market and making a meaningful social impact.”

DigiRich’s expansion strategy is fueled by its commitment to excellence, a constantly evolving service portfolio, and impactful social initiatives. The agency envisions a future where every brand awaits to be painted with digital brilliance and social responsibility on a blank canvas. As DigiRich continues to defy conventions and rewrite narratives, it promises to leave an indelible mark on the digital landscape of Asia.

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