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In a dazzling display of creativity, a ground-breaking marketing campaign recently unfolded, propelling the blockbuster movie Fighter to new heights. The comprehensive campaign, strategically devised and executed by Khushi Advertising seamlessly blended ambient, DOOH and traditional outdoor marketing with avant-garde innovations, cementing Fighter’s place in the spotlight.

The spectacle unfolded at Mahim Causeway Garden, renowned for cutting-edge OOH innovations. The setup involved a 10ft rotating 3D jet plane, complete with engine thrust and smoke effects, representing the iconic Fighter jet. It was enveloped by a 10x10ft LED display featuring the movie stars. This spectacular installation created a ground-breaking campaign that captured the essence of Fighter’s high-flying action, turning heads and sparking intrigue.

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Khushi’s creative team breathed life into the campaign, employing LED screens with anamorphic content depicting Fighter jets soaring against the backdrop of the tricolour. This visually stunning content adorned key locations, including Mumbai’s Priyadarshini Skywalk at Sion and Vakola Flyover, Delhi’s DLF Promenade Mall and Bangalore’s Garuda Mall. The result was a mesmerizing visual spectacle that transcended traditional advertising.

The strategic deployment of ambient branding across malls, airports, coffee shops and OOH spaces across India created a resonating buzz among moviegoers, industry stakeholders and the general public. This multi-faceted approach not only garnered attention but also translated into a noticeable surge in advance ticket sales, underscoring the campaign’s influence on Fighter’s box office performance.


Nishank Joshi, CMO – Nexus Malls, added, “Nexus Malls has a portfolio of 17 best-in-class Grade A urban consumption centres with a Gross Leasable Area of ~9.9 million square feet spread across 14 cities in India. Our consumption centres have a tenant base of 1,000+ domestic and international brands spanning across ~3,000 stores. Collaborating with Khushi on the Fighter marketing campaign was a game-changer for us. The branding installations at our malls and ambient branding not only added an aesthetic appeal, but also generated tremendous footfall. We’re always eager to be part of a campaign that effortlessly blends entertainment and marketing.”

Mr. Vishnu Telang, CEO – Khushi Advertising, said excitedly, “At Khushi, we believe in pushing the boundaries of conventional marketing. Fighter presented an exciting challenge, and our team’s dedication and creativity shone through. The success of this campaign is a testament to our commitment to deliver impactful and memorable experiences. Including high footfall avenues such as malls, airports, coffee shops along with traditional outdoor media helped spread awareness where it matters most. The innovations grabbed attention and added the much-needed WOW Factor to the Fighter campaign.”

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