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MADS Creations’ Promoter Meenu Agarwal Faces Allegations For Cheating Her Clients 

In a shocking case of alleged fraud, a luxury design company, MADS Creations Pvt Ltd, and its proprietor, Meenu Agarwal, have been scrutinized for deceptive practices and subpar execution of projects. The company, known for its opulent designs, is accused of using inferior materials despite charging clients for premium quality items, causing significant financial losses to unsuspecting customers. MADS Creation Pvt. Ltd has been reported to have deceived the directors of a prominent Delhi-based firm by taking advance for projects, executing the work inefficiently and leaving the site without finishing the work. The company utilized an approach to lure and connect with the directors, citing her honesty. This unethical behavior is not only a violation of professional ethics but also a breach of trust by the company toward its clients. 


The client has reported that MADS Creation consistently failed to meet project timelines. Even after the client made 90-100% advance payment, the promised work remained incomplete. Additionally, the vendors appointed by the company were of low quality due to non-payment as she was not paying to her vendors. 


Upon investigation by clients mads creation is also of accused of fabricating some of the bills by  charging clients for services not rendered and if the services were rendered to clients they were over charged by approx. 5 times from market rates. 


She forced client to pay in cash to avoid paying GST. However, client paid by cheque. When client got doubtful that clients’ money is being used for personal purposes, to maintain her lifestyle, luxury foreign trips and for her personal investments. they requested for her back up bills and bank statements to understand the end use of the money. Despite their request, the statements/ back bills were not provided. 


The clients accuse mads creation that the personal investments are being to made to create the appearance of a luxurious interior design company. This was done to entice the new client and prove that the designer was luxurious.


The accusations extend beyond financial misconduct, with the client citing instances of mental harassment through constant pressure for payments. Additionally, MADS Creations allegedly used site pictures without client permission and prevented clients from meeting vendors, perpetuating a lack of transparency and inhibiting an accurate assessment of the project’s progress.


This is not the first time Meenu Agarwal has faced legal action. According to reports, she previously cheated a media company in 2021 based in Hyderabad. 


 She has the same modus operandi by taking advance for projects, executing the work inefficiently and leaving the site without finishing the work. The Jubilee Hills police had registered an FIR against her and now initiated legal proceedings against Meenu Agarwal under Sections 406, 420, and 506 of the IPC, following complaints from disgruntled clients.

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