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Top 10 most loved books of the year 2023

Best of the best, we bring to you the curated list of the top 10 most loved books of the year, all chosen by readers. These books deserve all the love and fame, owing to the top-notch writing that will not only entertain you but also stay in your hearts for long.

1. Tagged for Life – Will You Be My Wife? by Aditya Nighhot

Tagged for Life, a book by bestselling author Aditya Nighhot, is definitely worth every read. The characters and their mind games intertwined with the perfect blend of emotions and Aditya’s unique writing style will make you thirst for more. The highlight of the book is its selfless love and the bitter reality of life, so well-written that you dare not put down the book. From the first page to the last, the writing hooks you immediately and makes it a page-turner. Delving into the complexities of life, this story is about Karan and Ahana, two individuals coming from different stratas of life, battling against love and career differences and still not wanting to give up on each other. National bestselling author of four books, a doctor (MD Radiology) by profession, screenwriter, entrepreneur, motivational speaker, and a social media influencer, Mr. Nighhot, as always, has delivered his best. No wonder, the book has now become a bestseller! The new age romance author has given this book his all, making you come back for more. This book deserves all the love and is a must for every bookshelf.

2. World’s Best Girlfriend by Durjoy Datta

This book by Durjoy Datta is a heartwarming and engaging story that explores the complexities of relationships and the power of true love. The book talks about friendship, love, and relationships of its two characters Daksh and Aanchal. The story is beautifully woven, and every character is well-placed. Aanchal is an ambitious girl who wants to achieve a lot at a very young age. The emotions are top-notch, and Durjoy once again lives up to the expectations of his readers. What makes it even more interesting is its open-ended climax. The suspense builds up at the right time, and what better than waiting for a sequel. Yes, the book could have a sequel, and this one definitely deserves one!

3. Unhooked & Unbooked by Aditya Nighhot

Another book by Aditya Nighhot that makes it to the top 10 books of the year is ‘Unhooked & Unbooked’. This book is meant for those who love a bit of everything. This one has the right amount of love, lust, friendship, tragedy, drama, suspense, crime – almost everything. With the characters being quirky and yet so interesting, this book talks about the new-age online dating and relationships. The author has penned down such a complex story and greyish characters with so much ease that you wonder how talented the author is! The writing keeps you hooked till the end, and the characters keep you entertained. The characters are so well-built that your mind keeps judging which one to rate higher. The book shall definitely help you find yourself in one of the characters. Even if you are not a fan of Aditya Nighhot’s writings, this one is still meant for you. Grab this book immediately with a soft disclaimer that you would be hooked till the end.

4. Momsie Popsie Diary 2.0 by Juju’s Pearls, Savika & Aaditya

‘Momsie Popsie Diary 2.0: Reimagining Life’s Tapestry’ is no ordinary book—it’s a cosmic experience that will rewire your neurons, tap into your latent energy, and redesign your very existence, like a phoenix rising from ashes. Brace yourself for a transformation like never before. Unlock the secrets of life’s enigmatic mantras, delve into the depths of human connections, comprehend diverse perspectives, resonate with the next generation. Say goodbye to blocked energies and embrace a life of freedom. In this extraordinary six-act play, you become the protagonist, navigating the intricacies of life. She shares profound wisdom without preaching; her words effortlessly leave an indelible impression on your mind and soul. Co-authors Savika and Aaditya debut in the literary world. Buckle up for a mind-altering journey! Get ready to take that daring leap of faith with Juju’s Pearls.

5. Lica by Hitesh Trehon

‘Lica’ is a fast-paced read about the three generations of a family. The in-depth description of each and every character in this book is apt. The author has perfectly narrated the concept of generation-gap among the grandfather, his son, and grandson. It is amazing how fresh perceptions and new dimensions are brought in by each generation, but the core essence remains the same. In this case, Mulkhraj is a lawyer, Raj is a doctor, and Inder is a hotelier, but the common aspect among all three is their hunger to ace their mark in their respective careers. Mulkhraj is very ambitious and Inder seems to be a little greedy in becoming the kingpin of hotel businesses, whereas Raj can be seen as the contented man. While this is about the professional lives, there is an even better saga in their personal lives. This book has love, betrayal, passion, ambition, perspectives, toil, and many more aspects in perfect proportions. We can guarantee that, once you get your hands on this one, you wouldn’t stop reading it until you complete it. Followed  by Lica, Hitesh has written  ‘Too late to Repent ‘ & ‘’Immoral Sacrifice ‘. His fourth novel ‘ A burial in my backyard ‘ is due for release by the end of January.

6. One Day at a Time by Vasundhara Atre

Murder, mystery, and suspense against a medical backdrop set in Mumbai and Mauritius, ‘One Day at a Time’ is an amazing work of fiction. It revolves around Dr. Anita Sood, a pretty, strong-willed, successful liver intensivist, single at thirty-five, with a penchant for chocolate, coffee, and her thirty ml, looking for a serious relationship. The universe answers her prayers with a twist. She meets two handsome doctors at a party but finds her life spinning out of control when after a one-night stand, her lover goes missing and then is found murdered. Her life becomes what movies are made of—intrigue, family drama, love-hate relationships, a missing lover, and a murder investigation. The narrative keeps you on edge and guessing as Dr. Anita struggles to handle the CBI murder enquiry, the complexities of her ‘disjointed’ family crises, and an unexpected romantic entanglement with a colleague who is investigating a personal tragedy and has her under the scanner for events she is unaware of. The book makes an unputdownable read, is well plotted, and recommended to fans of interpersonal drama, crime, and suspense fiction.

7. Story of the Ordinary by Deepika Bhalla

‘Story of the Ordinary’ by Deepika Bhalla is an amazing children’s book with extraordinary and unique elements. This uniqueness will entice young readers and keep them engaged throughout the book. Bhalla’s writing takes readers on a heartwarming journey through the enchanting lanes of India, where the magic of skilled laborers intertwines with the innocence of children. The book delves into the extraordinary stories of seemingly ordinary individuals and the profound impact they have on each other’s lives. The book comprises three captivating tales that revolve around the interaction between children and skilled laborers. These seemingly mundane encounters lead to profound realizations for both parties, highlighting the value and support each brings to society. The beauty of the book lies in the empathetic characters, allowing readers to infuse their own imagination into the facial expressions and colors. Deepika Bhalla’s writing style is evocative and beautifully captures the essence of everyday life in India. Her prose is immersive, painting vivid pictures of the enchanting lanes and the people who inhabit them. The author’s storytelling skill shines through, captivating readers from start to finish.

8. Darkness & Light by Mahevash Shaikh

‘Darkness And Light’, a collection of 133 poems, delves into the intricate tapestry of common mental health issues and the peculiarities of our world. The poems in this collection are a mirror reflecting the struggles of the mind, presented in a way that is poignant and relatable. From the melancholy verses of “Birthday Blues” to the introspective exploration of “The Power Of The Internet,” each poem offers a glimpse into the author’s profound understanding of the human condition. The language is eloquent and accessible, making it easy for readers to connect with the emotions conveyed. The collection doesn’t shy away from the raw and uncomfortable aspects of mental health, providing an authentic portrayal that fosters empathy and understanding. It invites readers to confront their struggles and emotions, creating a sense of universality in the shared human experience. The brevity of each poem contributes to the book’s accessibility, allowing readers to digest the emotional impact without feeling overwhelmed. For anyone seeking a poetic journey through the labyrinth of human emotions and the contemporary world, *Darkness And Light* is a must-read.

9. The Eclipsed Sun by Ramita Sengupta

‘The Eclipsed Sun’ is a heartwarming tale set against the backdrop of colonial India, exploring the theme of the indomitable revolutionary fighting spirit of seemingly ordinary people, their emotional aspects, and, in the heart of chaos, how love blooms. It’s not like a regular narration of the struggle for Indian independence; the author painstakingly depicts the intensity of emotions. What sets this book apart from other periodic dramas is that it sheds light on the dynamic father-son, mentor-protege relationships, friendships, and romantic partnership—an utterly brilliant portrait—the complexities that make you numb and won’t let you put down the book.

10. Meri Ayodhya Mera Raghuvansh by Rajeev Acharya

The autobiographical book ‘Meri Ayodhya Mera Raghuvansh’ is a definite attempt to present the Ramayana in a unique way. In this book, Lord Rama narrates his own story, setting it apart from other books. The author has chosen pearls of words beautifully for dialogues, which are enchanting. Certain aspects of the book, such as the birth of Lord Rama, the salvation of Ahilya, Rama wandering in distress after not finding Sita in Panchavati, have been written by the author in a way that they come alive on the mental canvas. To enhance the interest, the author has added some such incidents that are very exciting, such as traditions during marriage, childhood pranks that touch the heart. The book is particularly thrilling as it presents the Ramayana from Lord Rama’s perspective. The reader will undoubtedly be compelled to read this book in one go.

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