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On Bigg Boss 17, Abhishek Kumar slaps Samarth Jurel, shocking Ankita Lokhande in the process; the video becomes viral

<p>In the Bigg Boss 17 house, relationships between Abhishek Kumar, Isha Malviya, and Samarth Jurel have never been harmonious. However, when Abhishek surprises everyone by slapping Samarth in the next episode, tensions between the three will go nasty.</p>
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<p>A trailer for Colors TV that showed a peek of the whole event was released recently. Samarth starts out by making fun of Abhishek’s mental state by saying, “Ek baar jise stamp lag gaya chomu toh phir lag gaya chomu.” Abhishek becomes enraged about this and attacks Samarth. The latter, however, refers to Abhishek as “apne baap ka mental launda” in a disparaging manner. Then he covers Abhishek with a blanket as well.</p>
<p>Isha is also heard telling Abhishek later in the trailer that his parents must be sick of him. TV tod de, she says, provoking him. Then Samarth stands up and touches Abhishek across a table. After losing his composure, the latter smacks his former co-star from Udaariyaan, shocking Ankita Lokhande and others. Watch the teaser video here:</p>
<p>A number of people responded to the promo shortly after it was posted online. Supporters of Abhishek sprang to his support, claiming that Samarth was the one who provoked him. “Happy Abhishek gave him a hard smack! It doesn’t matter if he is fired for using violence, but what Isha and Chintu are doing is completely unacceptable,” a fan said.</p>
<p>According to a different admirer, Samarth touched Abhishek first. He said, “#SamarthJurel obviously touched #AbhishekKumar’s face first, and then #Abhishek’s reaction came.”</p>
<p>On the television program Udaariyaan, Abhishek Kumar, Isha Malviya, and Samarth Jurel collaborated. Isha was formerly in a relationship with Abhishek; she is presently dating Samarth. But it seems that their breakup ended badly for both of them. Abhishek’s buddy Madhav Shharma termed Isha “a liar” and disclosed the cause for their split in a recent interview with News18 Showsha. The accuser said that Isha had an affair with Samarth and that the actress had hit Abhishek first.</p>

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