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Agency News Reveals Groundbreaking Research on Local vs. Global Influencer Campaigns, the premier online platform for connecting brands with social media personalities, today unveiled comprehensive research comparing the efficacy of local and global influencer marketing campaigns. This pivotal study offers unprecedented insights, enabling businesses to optimize their influencer marketing strategies for maximum return on investment (ROI).

Key Findings:

  • Local vs. Global Engagement Rates: The study indicates that local influencer campaigns often yield higher engagement rates compared to global efforts, due to the personal and relatable content created by local influencers.
  • Audience Trust and Conversion:’s research highlights that audiences tend to trust local influencers more, resulting in higher conversion rates for brands that invest in local influencer partnerships.
  • Cost-Efficiency: The report provides an in-depth analysis of cost-efficiency, revealing that while global influencers may offer wider reach, local influencers could provide a more cost-effective approach for targeted market penetration.
  • Niche Marketing: The research underscores the effectiveness of local influencers in niche marketing, as they possess the nuanced understanding needed to connect with specific audience segments.

Tools and Analytics: has developed cutting-edge tools and analytics designed to assist businesses in deciphering this data to make informed decisions between local and global influencer strategies.


  • ROI Metrics: Point to point comparisons on ROI metrics between local and global campaigns.
  • Demographic Resonance: Analysis of demographic resonance and the impact of influencer locality on marketing outcomes.
  • Brand Alignment: Insight into how the alignment between a brand’s values and the influencer’s local presence can affect campaign success.
  • Sector-Specific Impact: Evaluation of how different sectors benefit from local vs. global influencer marketing.

About is an innovative platform that has revolutionized the way brands connect with influencers. With a focus on data-driven matches, the website ensures that every marketing campaign is optimized for engagement and conversion. The platform provides brands with the tools necessary to track campaign success and maximize their marketing spend.

For additional information on this research or to schedule an interview with Hemant Gupta, please contact:

Hemant Gupta

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